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Hey, Don't Look Now...............
You may be a Republican and you don't even know it!
Don't panic, this could be a good thing.

Take the Test:

1. Taxes. If you believe you're paying too much in taxes (the average American pays of 55% of their income in taxes of all kinds), then you're a Republican. The American Revolution was fought over high British taxes - they were then at a rate of about 3%.  Republicans want to solve problems with intelligence, resourcefulness, and good old American ingenuity. Keep your money in your wallet in your pocket, where it belongs, not in Washington.

2. The Purpose of Government.  If you believe that the purpose of government is limited to do only that which private individuals can not do for them selves, then you're not only a Republican but agree with the Founders of this Nation and you're a true patriot.

3. American Pride. If you believe our schools should teach peace through national strength, that we should take price in our American History and that students should recite the Pledge of Allegiance then you're a Republican. If you believe our active duty forces should be honored and not be put on food stamps, then you're both a true American and a patriot.

4. Free Enterprise and Labor. If you believe the foundation of our economic strength is the balance of the free market system with a healthy respect for labor, then you're a Republican.

5. Families. Society's Building Blocks. If you believe the foundation of our society is the loving, healthy, family - with the 2 parent family as the goal - then you're a true Republican.

6. Equality. If you believe that jobs and opportunities should be given by merit and experience and not just by the color of your skin, then you share Republican values.

7. Crime and Punishment. If you believe that vicious killers, kidnappers and others who have committed violent crimes should either be executed or kept in jail so they cannot commit more crimes and hurt more people, then you're a Republican.

8. Economic Opportunity and the American Dream. If you believe in the greatness of America and that this is still a land of opportunity offering the chance to succeed to us and our children based on learning and innovation, then you are a Republican.

9. IRS Dictation. If you believe couples should not be punished by the IRS for getting married (The Marriage Penalty Tax) and hard working parents should be able to leave their property to their children (The Death Tax), you are a thinking Republican.

Test Scores. If you answered yes to 3 or less, you've got serious problems and you should consider professional therapy.  There's still hope. If you said yes to 5 and you are not a registered Republican - reregister Republican immediately. If you said yes to 6 or more you're a Patriot and a true Republican who believes in the greatness of American opportunity and the American Dream.

For more information or a voter registration form to reregister as a Republican please call the Lake County Republican Party 263-6790 or visit their Headquarters at 160 N. Main Street, Lakeport