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Membership in Lake County Republican Women, Federated is open to any registered Republican woman.  Dues are $20.00 per year and include membership in the California Federation of Republican Women and also the  National Federation of Republican Women.

Associate Membership is open to any Republican Women who is a member of another RWF club, or who are not yet registered to vote.  Also Republican men can be associate members.  Associate dues are $12.00 per year.

You receive a monthly Newsletter and enjoy monthly meeting with outstanding speakers and information; weekly e-mail updates on current issues and action alerts from our Legislative Advocate in Sacramento. NFRW sends a quarterly magazine to all members.

Meetings alternate between the North end of the Lake and the South end of the Lake.

Volunteers are always welcome to man voter registration tables at local events, march in parades and staff the Headquarters in Lakeport.

For a membership application e-mail: